Natural ventilation in cities: the implications of fluid mechanics

Song, J., Fan, S., Lin, W., Mottet, L., Woodward, H., Davies Wykes, M., Arcucci, R., Dunhui, X., Debay, J.E., ApSimon, H., Aristodemou, E., Birch, D., Carpentieri, M., Fang, F., Herzog, M., Hunt, G.R., Jones, L.R., Pain, C., Pavlidis, D., Robins, A.G., Short, C.A., and Linden, P. (2018). Natural ventilation in cities: the implications of fluid mechanics. Building Research & Information doi:


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Keywords: air pollutants, air quality, buildings, dispersion, microclimates, modelling, natural ventilation, urban design
Additional Information: This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Building Research & Information on 28 June 2018, available online:
Divisions: Schools > Engineering > Petrochemical
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Date Deposited: 02 Jul 2018 10:14
Song, J
Fan, S
Lin, W
Mottet, L
Woodward, H
Davies Wykes, M
Arcucci, R
Dunhui, X
Debay, J-E
ApSimon, H
Aristodemou, E
Birch, D
Carpentieri, M
Fang, F
Herzog, M
Hunt, GR
Jones, LR
Pain, C
Pavlidis, D
Robins, AG
Short, CA
Linden, P
Item Type: Article
Creators: Song, J and Fan, S and Lin, W and Mottet, L and Woodward, H and Davies Wykes, M and Arcucci, R and Dunhui, X and Debay, J-E and ApSimon, H and Aristodemou, E and Birch, D and Carpentieri, M and Fang, F and Herzog, M and Hunt, GR and Jones, LR and Pain, C and Pavlidis, D and Robins, AG and Short, CA and Linden, P
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