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Peña Fernández, M., Cipiccia, S., Dall'Ara, E., Bodey, A.J., Parwani, R., Pani, M., Blunn, G.W., Barber, A.H., and Tozzi, G. (2018). Effect of SR-microCT radiation on the mechanical integrity of trabecular bone using in situ mechanical testing and digital volume correlation. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 88 109-119. doi:

Fernández, M.P., Dall'Ara, E., Kao, A.P., Bodey, A.J., Karali, A., Blunn, G.W., Barber, A.H., and Tozzi, G. (2018). Preservation of bone tissue integrity with temperature control for in situ SR-MicroCT experiments. Materials, 11(11), doi:

Barber, A.H., Dhakal, H.N., Ismail, S., Zhang, Z., Welsh, E., Maigret, J.E., and Beaugrand, J. (2018). Development of sustainable biodegradable lignocellulosic hemp fiber/ polycaprolactone biocomposites for light weight applications. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 113 350-358. doi:

Peña Fernández, M., Barber, A.H., Blunn, G.W., and Tozzi, G. (2018). Optimization of digital volume correlation computation in SR-microCT images of trabecular bone and bone-biomaterial systems. Journal of Microscopy doi:

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Stachewicz, U., Dijksman, J.F., Soudani, C., Tunnicliffe, L.B., Busfield, J.J.C., and Barber, A.H. (2017). Surface free energy analysis of electrospun fibers based on Rayleigh-Plateau/Weber instabilities. European Polymer Journal, 91 368-375. doi:

Deymier, A.C., An, Y., Boyle, J.J., Schwartz, A.G., Birman, V., Genin, G.M., Thomopoulos, S., and Barber, A.H. (2017). Micro-mechanical properties of the tendon-to-bone attachment. Acta Biomaterialia, 56 25-35. doi:

Parwani, R., Curto, M., Kao, A.P., Rowley, P.J., Pani, M., Tozzi, G., and Barber, A.H. (2016). Morphological and Mechanical Biomimetic Bone Structures. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 3(11), 2761-2767. doi:

An, Y., Li, D., Roohpour, N., Gautrot, J.E., and Barber, A.H. (2016). Failure mechanisms in denture adhesives. Dental Materials, 32(5), 615-623. doi:

Anssari-Benam, A., Barber, A.H., and Bucchi, A. (2016). Evaluation of bioprosthetic heart valve failure using a matrix-fibril shear stress transfer approach. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 27(2), doi:

Theocharidis, G., Drymoussi, Z., Kao, A.P., Barber, A.H., Lee, D.A., Braun, K.M., and Connelly, J.T. (2016). Type VI Collagen Regulates Dermal Matrix Assembly and Fibroblast Motility. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 136(1), 74-83. doi:

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Almeida, F.V., Walko, G., McMillan, J.R., McGrath, J.A., Wiche, G., Barber, A.H., and Connelly, J.T. (2015). The cytolinker plectin regulates nuclear mechanotransduction in keratinocytes. Journal of Cell Science, 128(24), 4475-4486. doi:

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Stachewicz, U., Qiao, T., Rawlinson, S.C.F., Veiga Almeida, F., Li, W.Q., Cattell, M., and Barber, A.H. (2015). Microscopy and supporting data for osteoblast integration within an electrospun fibrous network. Data in Brief, 5 775-781. doi:

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Jimenez-Palomar, I., Shipov, A., Shahar, R., and Barber, A.H. (2015). Structural orientation dependent sub-lamellar bone mechanics. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 52 63-71. doi:

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Wang, C., Frogley, M.D., Cinque, G., Liu, L.Q., and Barber, A.H. (2014). Molecular force transfer mechanisms in graphene oxide paper evaluated using atomic force microscopy and in situ synchrotron micro FT-IR spectroscopy. Nanoscale, 6(23), 14404-14411. doi:

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Hang, F., Gupta, H.S., and Barber, A.H. (2013). Nanointerfacial strength between non-collagenous protein and collagen fibrils in antler bone. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 11(92), 20130993-20130993. doi:

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