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Constantinou, A., Antelava, A., Hafeez, S., Manos, G., Al-Salem, S., Sharma, B.K., and Kohli, K. (2019). Plastic Solid Waste (PSW) in the Context of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainable Management. Environmental Management

Constantinou, A., Gaowei, W., Ellis, P., Kuhn, S., Enhong, C., and Gavriilidis, A. (2019). Continuous Flow Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol on RuAl2O3 Catalyst in a Flat Membrane Microchannel Reactor an Experimental and Modelling Study. Chemical Engineering Science, 201 386-396. doi:

Constantinou, A., Gaowei, W., Baldassarre, V., Ellis, P., Kuhn, S., and Gavriilidis, A. (2018). Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in a Continuous Catalytic Membrane Reactor. Topics in Catalysis 1-6. doi:

Wu, G., Cao, E., Ellis, P., Constantinou, A., Kuhn, S., and Gavriilidis, A. (2018). Development of a Flat Membrane Microchannel Packed- Bed Reactor for Scalable Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in Flow. Chemical Engineering Journal doi:

Hafeez, S., Manos, G., Al-Salem, S., Aristodemou, E., and Constantinou, A. (2018). Liquid fuel synthesis in microreactors. Reaction Chemistry and Engineering doi:

Constantinou, A. (2017). CO2 absorption in flat membrane microstructured contactors of different wettability using aqueous solution of NaOH. Green Processing and Synthesis doi:

Constantinou, A. (2017). How tall buildings affect turbulent air flows and dispersion of pollution within a neighbourhood. Environmental Pollution, 233 782-796. doi:

Constantinou, A. (2017). A review on thermal and catalytic pyrolysis of plastic solid waste. Journal of Environmental Management, 197 177-198. doi:

Constantinou, A. (2016). Aerobic oxidations in flow: opportunities for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering(1), 595-612. doi:

Book Section

Constantinou, A., Pallari, E., Antelava, A., and Manos, G. (2019). Design and Limitations in Polymer Cracking Fluidized Beds for Energy Recovery’. In S. Al-Salem (Ed.), Plastics Conversion to Energy, Chemicals, Fuel and Sustainable Implications - (221-231). Elsevier. doi:

Constantinou, A., Hafeez, S., and Al Salem, S.M. (2019). Membrane Reactors for Renewable Fuel Production and Their Environmental Benefits. In Z. Zhang (Ed.), Membranes for Environmental Applications Springer.

Constantinou, A., Hafeez, S., Pallari, E., and Manos, G. (2018). Catalytic conversion and chemical recovery. In S. Al-Salem (Ed.), Plastics to Energy: Fuel, chemicals and sustainable implications (147-172). Oxford: Elsevier. doi:

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