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Moser, K.S., and Kaemmer, J. (2017). Collaboration Time Influences Information-Sharing at Work. Team Performance Management doi:

Moser, K.S. (2017). The Influence of Feedback and Expert Status in Knowledge Sharing Dilemmas. Applied Psychology doi:

Moser, K.S., Vartiainen, M.A., and Cramton, C. (2015). The Role of Context in Virtual Work. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2015(Jan), 13582-13582. doi:

Moser, K.S., and Axtell, C. (2013). The Role of Norms in Virtual Work: A Review and Agenda for Future Research. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 12(1), 1-6.

Moser, K.S. (2013). Only a click away? – What makes virtual meetings, emails and outsourcing successful. Management Articles of the Year, 2013 25-30.

Goetzmann, L., Irani, S., Moser, K.S., Schwegler, K., Stamm, M., Spindler, A., Buddeberg, C., Boehler, A., and Klaghofer, R. (2010). Psychological processing of transplantation in lung recipients: A quantitative study of organ integration and the relationship to the donor. British Journal of Health Psychology, 14(4), 667-680. doi:

Goetzmann, L., Moser, K.S., Vetsch, E., Grieder, E., Naef, R., Russi, E.W., Buddeberg, C., and Boehler, A. (2009). 'Medikamente sind Bomben' - zum Metapherngebrauch von Lungentransplantations-Patienten mit guter oder ungenügender Compliance. Zeitschrift für Medizinische Psychologie, 18(2), 72-80.

Moser, K.S. (2009). Managing experts by managing diversity: Individual motivations for sharing expertise in work teams. Academy of Management Proceedings 2009 doi:

Goetzmann, L., Moser, K.S., Vetsch, E., Grieder, E., Klaghofer, R., Naef, R., Russi, E.W., Boehler, A., and Buddeberg, C. (2007). The interplay of 'big five' personality factors and metaphorical schemas - a pilot study with 20 lung transplantat recipients. The Qualitative Report, 12(3), 397-413.

Moser, K.S. (2007). Metaphors as symbolic environment of the self: How self-knowledge is expressed verbally. Current Research in Social Psychology, 12 151-178.

Moser, K.S., and Wodzicki, K. (2007). The effect of reward interdependence on cooperation and information-sharing intentions. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 66 117-127. doi:

Goetzmann, L., Moser, K.S., Vetsch, E., Klaghofer, R., Naef, R., Russi, E.W., Buddeberg, C., and Boehler, A. (2006). What do patients think after lung-transplantation about their self, body, and social network? A quantitative analysis of categorical interview data. Psycho-Social Medicine, 3 1-9.

Book Section

Moser, K.S. (2016). The Challenges of Digitalization in Higher Education Teaching. In T. Zimmermann, W. Jütte, and F. Horvath (Eds.), University Continuing Education: Facts and Future (Arenen der Weiterbildung) (93-100). Bern, Switzerland: HEP Verlag.

Moser, K.S. (2005). Rollenverhalten in der Kommunikation und Grounding-Prozesse. In S. Porschen, and A. Bolte (Eds.), Zugänge zu kooperativer Arbeit. Analysen zum Kooperationshandeln in Arbeitssituationen (85-92). Munich, Germany: ISF München.

Moser, K.S. (2004). The role of metaphors in acquiring and transmitting knowledge. In M. Fischer, N. Boreham, and B. Nyhan (Eds.), European perspectives on learning at work. The acquisition of work process knowledge (148-163). Luxembourg: Cedefop Reference Series 56.

Conference or Workshop Item

Kissell, K., Moser, K.S., and Dubowski, J. (2017). Enhancing Ministry & Improving Clergy Well-Being: Exploring the impact of Bowen’s Systems Coaching on the Work-Related Psychological Health of Clergy. Paper presented at British Psychological Society: Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference, Stratford Upon Avon, UK, 07 July 2017 - 08 July 2017. London South Bank University.

Axtell, C., and Moser, K.S. (2016). Status Effects on Reactions to Communication Norm Violations. Paper presented at Academy of Management 2016 Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA, 05 August 2016 - 09 August 2016. AoM.

Moser, K.S., Dawson, J.F., and West, M.A. (2009). Knowledge management and team innovation: understanding the team processes underlying high innovativeness. Paper presented at Academy of Management Proceedings 2009, Chicago, USA, 06 August 2009 - 11 August 2009. Chicago: Academy of Management. doi:

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