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Musculus, L., Ruggeri, A., Raab, M., and Lobinger, B. (2019). A developmental perspective on option generation and selection. Developmental Psychology, 55(4), 745-753. doi:

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Ioannou, C., Klämpfl, M., Lobinger, B., Raab, M., and Altenmüller, E. (2018). Psychodiagnostics: Classification of the yips phenomenon based on musician’s dystonia. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise doi:

Raab, M. (2018). Wie können Erfahrung und Wissen aus der Sportpsychologie Empfehlungen generieren, die Wirkungen in der Arbeitswelt haben? - Die Antwort: Lesen sie das Buch "Boost!". Zeitschrift fur Sportpsychologie, 25(1), 46. doi:

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Loeffler, J., Raab, M., and Cañal-Bruland, R. (2017). Walking Back to the Future. Experimental Psychology, 64(5), 346-358. doi:

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de Oliveira, R.F., Lobinger, B., and Raab, M. (2014). An adaptive toolbox approach to the route to expertise in sport. Frontiers in Psychology, 5 709. doi:

Book Section

Raab, M., Büsch, D., and Schorer, J. (2017). Taktik und Taktiktraining. In K. Hottenrott, and I. Seidel (Eds.), Handbuch Trainingswissenschaft - Trainingslehre (291-301). Schorndorf, Germany: Hofmann-Verlag.

Raab, M., and Laborde, S. (2016). Emotions et prise de décision en éducation physique. In M. Campo, and B. Louvet (Eds.), Les émotions en sport et en EPS : Apprentissage, performance et santé (281-292). De Boeck Supérieur.

Schlapkohl, N., and Raab, M. (2016). Importance of Instructions in Sport and Exercise Psychology. In M. Raab (Ed.), Sport and Exercise Psychology Research: From Theory to Practice (29-41). Elsevier. doi:

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Raab, M., Lobinger, B., Hoffmann, S., Pizzera, A., and Laborde, S. (2015). Preface in Performance psychology: perception, action, cognition, and emotion. Performance psychology: perception, action, cognition, and emotion (xv-xviii). London: Elsevier. doi:

Conference or Workshop Item

Pizzera, A., Marrable, J., and Raab, M. (2016). How Effective Is a Video Review System in Soccer? Paper presented at 6th International Teaching Games for Understanding Conference (TGfU), Cologne, Germany, 25 July 2016 - 27 July 2016. London South Bank University. doi:


Raab, M., Wylleman, P., Seiler, R., Elbe, A.M., and Hatzigeorgiadis, A. (2016). Sport and Exercise Psychology Research: From Theory to Practice. London: Elsevier.

Raab, M., Lobinger, B., Hoffmann, S., Pizzera, A., and Laborde, S. (2015). Performance Psychology: Perception, Action, Cognition, and Emotion. London: Academic Press.

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