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Anderson, K., Reavey, P., and Boden, Z. (2019). ‘Never drop without your significant other, cause that way lies ruin’: The boundary work of couples who use MDMA together. International Journal of Drug Policy, 71 10-18. doi:

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Reavey, P., Wilcock, R., Brown, S.D., Batty, R., and Fuller, S. (2016). Legal professionals and witness statements from people with a suspected mental health diagnosis. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 46 94-102. doi:

McGrath, L., and Reavey, P. (2016). "Zip me up, and cool me down": Molar narratives and molecular intensities in 'helicopter' mental health services. Health Place, 38 61-69. doi:

Dein, K.E., Williams, P.S., Volkonskaia, I., Kanyeredzi, A., Reavey, P., and Leavey, G. (2016). Examining professionals' perspectives on sexuality for service users of a forensic psychiatry unit. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 44 15-23. doi:

Book Section

McGrath, L., Weaver, T., Reavey, P., and Brown, S.D. (2018). Bursting bubbles of interiority: Exploring space in experiences of distress and rough sleeping for newly homeless people. In P. Reavey, and L. McGrath (Eds.), The Handbook of Mental Health and Space: Community and Clinical Applications (135-148). London: Routledge. doi:

Anderson, K., Reavey, P., and Boden, Z. (2018). An Affective (Re)balancing Act? The Liminal Possibilities for Heterosexual Partners on MDMA. In T. Juvonen, and M. Kolehmainen (Eds.), Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships (19-33). London: Routledge.

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Brown, S.D., Allen, M.A., and Reavey, P. (2016). Remembering 7/7: the collective shaping of memories of the London bombings. In A.L. Tota, and T. Hagen (Eds.), Routledge International Handbook of Memory Studies Oxford University Press.

Brown, S.D., and Reavey, P. (2016). Institutional forgetting/forgetting institutions: Space and memory in secure forensic psychiatric care. Institutions Inc. (7-29). Palgrave Macmillan UK. doi:

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