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Ashleigh, C. (2017). A Double Masked Randomised Crossover Trial of two Silicone Hydrogel Multifocal Contact Lenses (Professional Doctorate thesis), London South Bank University. doi:


Benwell, M.J., and Fowler, P. (2017). The reporting radiographer's role: a contemporary insight. journal of Social Science & Allied Health Professions, 1(1), 6-11.

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Bonde, L.O., and Robinson, N. (2017). If music be the food of life – play on ? European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 9(1),


Goris, K.G. (2017). Orthokeratology, binocular co-ordination and myopia control (Professional Doctorate thesis), London South Bank University. doi:

Grace, P. (2017). Investigation of the efficacy of an online diagnostic tool for improving the diagnosis of ocular fundus lesions imaged by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) (Professional Doctorate thesis), London South Bank University.


Haig, L. (2017). Can a training programme in motivational interviewing change musculoskeletal physiotherapists’ practice? The example of low back pain (Professional Doctorate thesis), London South Bank University. doi:

Hibbert, D., Aboshaiqah, A., Senko, K., Forestall, D., Harb, A., Yousuf, S., Kelley, P., Brennan, P., Serrant, L., and Leary, A. (2017). Advancing Nursing Practice: The Emergence of the Role of Advanced Practice Nurse in Saudi Arabia. Annals of Saudi Medicine, 37(1), 522-528. doi:


Jones, J.E., and Smith, J.E. (2017). Ethnography: challenges and opportunities. Evidence Based Nursing, 20(4), 98-1000. doi:


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Leary, A. (2017). Safety and service. Reframing the purpose of nursing to decision makers. Journal of Clinical Nursing doi:


Malby, R., Boyle, D., and Crilly, T. (2017). Can Volunteering Help Create Better Health and Care. An evidence review. London: London South Bank University. doi:

Mansfield, M., Thacker, M., and Sandford, F. (2017). Psychosocial Risk Factors and the Association With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Systematic Review. Hand doi:

Mansfield, M., Thacker, M., and Smith, T.O. (2017). Physical Activity Participation and The Association With Work Related Upper Quadrant Disorders (WRUQDs). A Systematic Review. Musculoskeletal Care doi:

Mansfield, M., Thacker, M., Spahr, N., and Smith, T. (2017). Factors associated with physical activity participation in adults with chronic cervical spine pain: a systematic review. Physiotherapy, 104(1), 54-60. doi:

Mansfield, M., Thacker, M., Spahr, N., and Smith, T.O. (2017). Factors influencing physical activity participation in adults with chronic cervical spine pain. Paper presented at Physiotherapy U.K. 2017, Birmingham, UK, 10 November 2017 - 11 November 2017. London South Bank University.

McCrum, C., Gerards, M.H.G., Karamanidis, K., Zijlstra, W., and Meijer, K. (2017). A systematic review of gait perturbation paradigms for improving reactive stepping responses and falls risk among healthy older adults. European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, 14 3. doi:


Qu, F., Wang, F.F., Wu, Y., Zhou, J., Robinson, N., Hardiman, P., Pan, J.X., He, Y.J., Zhu, Y.H., Wang, H.Z., Ye, X.Q., He, K.L., Cui, L., Zhao, H.L., and Ye, Y.H. (2017). TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL ACUPOINT STIMULATION IMPROVES THE OUTCOMES OF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION: A PROSPECTIVE, RANDOMIZED AND CONTROLLED STUDY. Explore: The Journal of Science & Healing doi:

Qu, F., Wang, F.F., Robinson, N., and Hardiman, P. (2017). Women’s health and Chinese integrative medicine. Journal of Zhejiang University: Science B, 18(3), 183-185. doi:


Risi, L., Brown, J., Sugarhood, P.A., Depala, B., Olowosoyo, A., Tomu, C., Gonzalez, L., Munoz-Cobo, M., Adekunle, O., Ogwal, O., Evans, E., and Shah, A. (2017). The Handy Approach - Quick Integrated Person Centred Support Preparation. BMJ Qual Improv Rep, 6(1), doi:

Rodger, D., and Blackshaw, B. (2017). An introduction to ethical theory for healthcare assistants. British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, 11(11), 556-561. doi:

Rodger, D., and Mahoney, C. (2017). From healthcare assistant to student operating department practitioner—are you ready for the ODP challenge? British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, 11(5), 248-251. doi:

Rubio, A., Mansfield, M., and Lewis, J. (2017). Effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of shoulder pain: A systematic review of published randomised clinical trials. Paper presented at Physiotherapy UK 2017, Birmingham, UK, 10 November 2017 - 11 November 2017. London South Bank University.


Sherwood, R.J. (2017). Supporting eLearners by Increasing Digital Literacy Skills in Healthcare Educators. Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, 10(1), doi:

Sinclair, N., Wright, C., Edwards, G., and Keane, P. (2017). Degree Classification: Does the Calculation Model Affect the Award? Paper presented at UK Radiological Congress and Radiation Oncology Congress, Manchester, 12 June 2017 - 14 June 2017. London South Bank University.

Stewart-Lord, A., Baillie, L.J., and Woods, S. (2017). Health care staff perceptions of a coaching and mentoring programme: a qualitative case study evaluation. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 15(2), 70-85.


Thomas, N.M. (2017). Partnership with patients and their families. Journal of Renal Care, 43(3), 131. doi:

Thomas, N.M., and Baillie, L.J. (2017). How does the length of day shift affect patient care on older people's wards? A mixed method study. International Journal of Nursing Studies doi:


Wills, J.D., and Kelly, M. (2017). Investigating the attitudes of nurses who are obese. Nursing Standard, 31(46), 42-48. doi:

Woods, S. (2017). Explore the lived experience of Dementia Friends Champions: Poetic representation. Paper presented at Royal College of Occupational Therapists, Birmingham, 19 June 2017 - 20 June 2017. London South Bank University.

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