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Aygun, H (2017) Characterization of Acoustical Properties of Felt and Carpet Made of Natural and Environmentally Friendly Materials. Open Journal of Acoustics, 7 (2). pp. 27-38. DOI

Aygun, H (2017) Why research informed teaching (RIT) in acoustics education: How can we embed research in acoustics education to improve students' learning? In: 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 23 - 27 July 2017, London, UK.


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Dance, S and Okten, G (2017) An Investigation into the Effect of Acoustics on Vocal Strain of Opera Singers. In: Internationl congress on Sound and Vibration, 23 - 27 July 2017, London.

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Davies, G and Maidment, GG and Dennis, W and Ajileye, A and Grice, J (2017) Cooling and recovery of heat from underground railway tunnels for district heating. In: CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium, 05 April 2017 - 06 April 2017, Loughborough UK.

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Levatti, HU (2017) Experimental analysis of 3D cracking in drying soils using Ground Penetrating Radar. Geotechnical Testing Journal, 40 (2). DOI


Mavroulidou, M (2017) Mechanical Properties and Durability of Concrete with Water Cooled Copper Slag Aggregate. Waste and Biomass Valorization. pp. 1-14. DOI

Mavroulidou, M and Awoliyi, S (2017) A study on low energy demand materials used in glasscrete to counteract alkali-silica reactions. In: 15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology CEST2017, 31 August 2017 - 02 September 2017, Rhodes, Greece.

Mavroulidou, M and Ziniatis, A and Gray, C (2017) Alternative calcium-based chemical stabilisers for ground improvement: Paper Sludge Ash treatment of London Clay. In: 15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2017), 31 August 2017 - 03 September 2017, Rhodes, Greece.

McCann, FP and Ridolfi, G and Karjadi, E and Demmink, H and Boyd, H (2017) Numerical analysis of hot polymer-coated steel pipeline joints in bending. In: Păcurar, R, (ed.) Finite Element Method - Simulation, Numerical Analysis and Solution Techniques. InTech Open. (In Press)

Mirzania, P and Andrews, D and Ford, A and Maidment, G (2017) Community Energy in the UK: The End or the Beginning of a Brighter Future? In: Energy for Society: 1st international conference on Energy Research & Social Science, 05 April 2017 - 07 April 2017, Sitges, Spain.

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Muranko, Z and Andrews, D and Chaer, I and Newton, EJ and Proudman, P and Longhurst, M (2017) Incentivising pro-circular behaviours: proposing a new enhanced capital allowance scheme for remanufactured products - the case of refrigerated display cabinets in the United Kingdom. Energy Procedia, 123. pp. 369-374. DOI

Muranko, Z and Andrews, D and Chaer, I and Newton, EJ and Proudman, P and Longhurst, M (2017) Pro-circular behaviours and refrigerated display cabinets: supporting resource efficiency in the retail refrigeration sector. Energy Procedia, 123. pp. 70-75. DOI


Peixoto, R and Kuijpers, L and Polonara, F and Maidment, GG (2017) Potential Impacts of the Montreal Protocol Kigali Amendment to the Choice of Refrigerant Alternatives. In: CIAR Conbrava 2017, 12 - 17 September 2017, Sao Paulo - Brazil.

Prat, PC and Levatti, HU and Ledesma, A (2017) Numerical analysis of desiccation, shrinkage and cracking in low plasticity clayey soils. In: XIV International Conference on Computational Plasticity. Fundamentals and Applications, 05 September 2017 - 07 September 2017, Barcelona, Spain.


Revesz, Akos (2017) Modelling Of The Thermal Interactions Of Underground Railways With Nearby Vertical Ground Heat Exchangers In An Urban Environment. PhD, London South Bank University. DOI


Saber, EM (2017) Performance evaluation of damper control settings for operation of multiple-zone variable air volume reheat system in different building applications and climate types. Building Simulation, 10 (5). pp. 687-696. DOI


Sekhar, C and Anand, P and Schiavon, S and Tham, KW and Cheong, D and Saber, EM (2017) Adaptable cooling coil performance during part loads in the tropics - A computational evaluation. Energy and Buildings, 159. pp. 148-163. DOI

Shamass, R and Alfano, G and Guarracino, F (2017) On Elastoplastic Buckling Analysis of Cylinders under Nonproportional Loading by Differential Quadrature Method. International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, 17 (7). DOI

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Yebiyo, M and Maidment, GG and Paurine, A and Day, A (2017) Metering measurement challenges & monitoring of a large scale ground source heat pump (GSHP) system. In: at American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) winter Conference, 28 February 2017 - 02 March 2017, Las Vegas.


Çıdık, MS and Boyd, D and Thurairajah, N (2017) Innovative Capability of Building Information Modeling in Construction Design. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 143 (8). DOI

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