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Booth, P and Albery, IP and Frings, DJ (2017) The Effect of E-Cigarette Advertisements and Anti-Smoking Messages on Explicit and Implicit Attitudes towards Tobacco and E-Cigarette Smoking in 18-65 Year Olds: A Randomised Controlled Study Protocol. BMJ Open. DOI

Brown, SD and Reavey, P (2017) Contextualising Autobiographical Remembering: An expanded view of memory. In: Meade, M and Harris, C and Van Bergen, P and Sutton, J and Barnier, A, (eds.) Collaborative Remembering: Theories, Research, and Applications. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198737865 (In Press)


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Reavey, P and Poole, J and Corrigall, R and Zundel, T and Byford, D and Sarhane, S and Taylor, M and Taylor, E and Ivens, J and Ougrin, D (2017) The ward as emotional ecology: Adolescent experiences of managing mental health and distress in psychiatric inpatient settings. Health and Place, 46. pp. 210-218. DOI


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