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Bench, S. (2007). Recognition and management of critical illness by midwives: implications for service provision. Journal of Nursing Management, 15(3), 348-356. doi:

Brown, T., Corry, J.E.L., and Evans, J.A. (2007). Humidification of unwrapped chilled meat on retail display using an ultrasonic fogging system. Meat Science, 77(4), 670-677. doi:


Chaer, I., Librovich, B.V., Nowakowski, A.F., and Tassou, S.A. (2007). Non-equilibrium gas-liquid transition model. Paper presented at Sixth International Congress on Industrial Applied Mathematics (ICIAM07) and GAMM Annual Meeting, Zurich, December 2007. London South Bank University. doi:


Donelan, P., and Selig, J.M. (2007). Introduction to Polynomial Invariants of Screw Systems.


Evans, J.A., Hammond, E., and Gigiel, A. (2007). Development of a novel multi-capillary, multi-temperature commercial refrigerator cabinet with common low-pressure receiver. International Journal of Refrigeration, 31(3), 464-471. doi:

Evans, J.A., and Lawrence, M. (2007). Refrigerant flow instability as a means to predict the need for defrosting the evaporator in a retail display freezer cabinet. International Journal of Refrigeration, 31(1), 107 - 112. doi:

Evans, J.A., Scarcelli, S., and Swain, M.V.L. (2007). Temperature and energy performance of refrigerated retail display and commercial catering cabinets under test conditions. International Journal of Refrigeration, 30(3), 398-408. doi:


Foster, A., Swain, M.J., Barrett, R., D apos Agaro, P., Ketteringham, L.P., and James, S.J. (2007). Three-dimensional effects of an air curtain used to restrict cold room infiltration. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 31(6), 1109-1123. doi:


Goetzmann, L., Moser, K.S., Vetsch, E., Grieder, E., Klaghofer, R., Naef, R., Russi, E.W., Boehler, A., and Buddeberg, C. (2007). The interplay of 'big five' personality factors and metaphorical schemas - a pilot study with 20 lung transplantat recipients. The Qualitative Report, 12(3), 397-413.

Graham, C., FitzGerald, F., and Peleg, A. (2007). Embedding Employability Skills into the Marketing Curriculum; A Rationale & Description. Prime, 2(2), 25-38.


Levatti, H.U., Prat, P., and Ledesma, A. (2007). Numerical modelling of formation and propagation of drying cracks in soils. Paper presented at IX International Conference on Computational Plasticity (COMPLAS 2007), Barcelona, 05 September 2007 - 07 September 2007. London South Bank University.


Memon, S. (2007). Scope of Concentrated Solar Power Technology in Pakistan. Paper presented at 1st National Conference on Assessment & Proper Utilization of Indigenous Energy Resources and Their Impact on Environment, Sindh, Pakistan, Feb. 26-28, 2007. London South Bank University.

Moser, K.S. (2007). Metaphors as symbolic environment of the self: How self-knowledge is expressed verbally. Current Research in Social Psychology, 12 151-178.

Moser, K.S., and Wodzicki, K. (2007). The effect of reward interdependence on cooperation and information-sharing intentions. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 66 117-127. doi:


Nguyen, T.T., Suada, M.G., Dirgantara, T., and Putra, I.S. (2007). Three-dimensional surface reconstruction of aircraft component using digital photogrammetry. Paper presented at 2nd Regional Conference on Aerospace Science, Technology and Industry, Bandung, Indonesia, 01 July 2007 - 02 July 2007. London South Bank University.


Philbin, S.P. (2007). Presentation: Systems Engineering Tools for the Surveillance and Protection of Complex Networks and their Infrastructures. Paper presented at 2nd European Conference on Security Research, Berlin, Germany, 26 - 27 March 2007.


Sattar, T.P., Leon-Rodriguez, H.E., and Shang, J. (2007). Chapter 6: Amphibious NDT robots. In H. Zhang (Ed.), Climbing and walking robots: Towards new applications INTECH Open. doi:

Selig, J.M. (2007). Cayley maps for SE(3). Paper presented at 12th International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science World Congress, Besancon France, 18-21 June 2007. London South Bank University.

Selig, J.M. (2007). Centrodes and Lie algebra. Paper presented at 2th IFT oMM World Congress, Besancon France, 18-21 June, 2007. London South Bank University.

Selig, J.M. (2007). Curves of stationary acceleration in SE(3). IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, 24(1), 95 - 113. doi:

Smith-Spark, J.H., and Fisk, J.E. (2007). Working memory functioning in developmental dyslexia. Memory, 15(1), 34-56. doi:

Smith-Spark, J.H., Moore, V., and Valentine, T. (2007). Does the face fit the facts? Testing three accounts of age of acquisition effects. Paper presented at Proceedings of EuroCogSci07: The European Cognitive Science Conference, Delphi, Greece, May 23-27, 2007. Lawrence Erlbaum.

Sugiartha, N., Tassou, S.A., Chaer, I., and Marriott, D. (2007). Trigeneration in food retail: An energetic, economic and environmental evaluation for a supermarket application; Applied Thermal Engineering. Applied Thermal Engineering, 29(13), 2624-2632.

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