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Barker, J.C. (2012). The function of diplomatic missions in times of armed conflict or foreign armed intervention. Nordic Journal of International Law, 81(4), 387-406. doi:

Bench, S., Day, T.L., and Griffiths, P. (2012). Developing user centred critical care discharge information to support early critical illness rehabilitation using the Medical Research Council's complex interventions framework. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 28(2), 123-131. doi:

Bennecer, A., Selcuk, C., Gan, T.H., Sattar, T.P., Edwards, G., Girolami, M., Chatzakos, A., and Lopatka, R. (2012). An ICT-Enabled Approach to Optimising the Reliability of Manual Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing. Paper presented at BINDT Aerospace Symposium, Northamptonshire, UK, 11 September - 13 September 2012.

Boiano, S., Bowen, J.P., and Gaia, G. (2012). Usability, Design and Content Issues of Mobile Apps for Cultural Heritage Promotion: The Malta Culture Guide Experience. Paper presented at EVA London 2012 Conference, London, 10 July 2012 - 12 July 2012. London South Bank University.

Bowen, J.P., and Wilson, R. (2012). Visualising Virtual Communities: From Erdős to the Arts. Paper presented at Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2012), London, UK,, 10-12 July 2012. London South Bank University.

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Dowlen, C. (2012). Hot potatoes and double diamond in a whiz: can techniques and processes really lead to innovation? Paper presented at International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Artesis University College, Antwerp, Belgium, 6 - 7 September 2012. London South Bank University.


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Gomez-Agustina, L. (2012). Design and Optimisation Of Voice Alarm Systems for Underground Stations (PhD thesis), London South Bank University.

Graham, C., Scriven, J., and Bennett, D.R. (2012). Brand Loyalty. Plus ça change...? Using the NBD-Dirichlet parameters to interpret long-term purchase incidence and brand choice. Paper presented at International Marketing Trends Conference, Venice, Italy, 19-21 January 2012. London South Bank University.


Hadawey, A., Hasan, A., Al-Wahaibi, Y., Abdul-Karem, W., and Al-Raheem, K.F. (2012). Theoretical and experimental study of bubbly gas-water two phase flows through a Universal Venturi Tube (UVT). International Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 2(1), 43-58.

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Hajikazemi, S., Andersen, B., and Krane, H.P. (2012). A Conceptual Framework for Application of Performance Measurement as an Early Warning System in Projects, an Analysis on the Case of the London Ambulance Service Project. Paper presented at PMI® Research and Education Conference, Limerick, Ireland, 15 Jul 2012 - 18 Jul 2012.

Hardi, J., Clear, C., and Thorne, A. (2012). BRE Information Paper (IP 24/12): Sustainable Strategies for Healthcare Estates: Lessons from University College London Hospitals. BRE Electronic Publications.

Hardi, J., and Ingham, M.D. (2012). Briefing Paper 002: Ventilation and the effect of residents behaviour within Passivhaus dwellings. Norwich: University of East Anglia.

Hardi, J.N. (2012). Briefing Paper 001: Enterprise Centre - an Exemplar Low Carbon Building at the University of East Anglia. Norwich: University of East Anglia.

Hardy, J.A., and Budd, A.M. (2012). China’s capitalism and the crisis. International Socialism(133),

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James, D.C., Chesters, T., Sumners, D.P., Cook, D.P., Green, D.A., and Mileva, K.N. (2012). Wide-pulse electrical stimulation to an intrinsic foot muscle induces acute functional changes in forefoot-rearfoot coupling behaviour during walking. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 34(5), 438-443. doi:


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McKeever, S., Johnston, L., and Davidson, A. (2012). A review of the utility of EEG depth of anaesthesia monitors in the paediatric intensive care environment. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 28(5), 294 - 303. doi:

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Mehta, K. (2012). Molecular and cellular insights into iron regulation (PhD thesis), University of Westminster.

Memon, S. (2012). Design & Development of Triple Vacuum glazing: An Investigation on Cost Effective Hermetic Sealing Materials & Predictions of Heat Load in a Solid Wall Dwelling. Paper presented at 1st International Conference on Research and Education of Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Loughborough UK, July 2012. London South Bank University.

Memon, S., and Eames, P.C. (2012). Advancement in the Vacuum Glass Sealing Materials and Heat Load Predictions of Triple Vacuum Glazing. Paper presented at 3rd Vacuum Symposium 2012, Coventry, 17 October 2012 - 18 October 2012. London, UK: Institute of Physics.

Memon, S., and Eames, P.C. (2012). Heat load and solar gain prediction for solid wall dwellings retrofitted with triple vacuum glazing for selected window to wall area ratios. Paper presented at World Renewable Energy Forum, Denver, Colorado, May 13-17, 2012. ASES.


Naoum, S., Buckley, K., and Fong, D. (2012). An Evaluation of Post-Occupancy of Sustainable Housing. Paper presented at The First Australasia and South-East Asia Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, Perth, Australia, 28 November - 02 December 2012.

Naoum, S.G., Pour, M.M., and Fong, D. (2012). A guide for selecting the appropriate procurement method for a project based on client's criteria. Paper presented at The 
 Construction, Perth, Australia, 28 November 2012 - 02 December 2012.


Oumar, O.A., Siyau, M.F., and Sattar, T.P. (2012). Comparison of MUSIC and ESPRIT DOA Estimation algorithms for Wireless Communications. Paper presented at The First International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies, London, 12 - 14 December 2012.

Ovesen, N., and Dowlen, C. (2012). The challenges of becoming agile – experiences from new product development in industry and design education. Paper presented at International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Artesis University College, Antwerp, Belgium, 6 - 7 September 2012. London South Bank University.


Philbin, S.P. (2012). Knowledge Management Strategy for University-Industry Research Collaboration. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 33rd American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) International Annual Conference, Virginia Beach (VA), USA, 17 October 2012 - 20 October 2012.

Philbin, S.P. (2012). Resource-based view of university-industry research collaboration. Paper presented at 2012 Proceedings of PICMET '12: Technology Management for Emerging Technologies., IEEE, 29 July - 2 August 2012.

Phillips, G., Renton, A., Moore, D.G., Bottomley, C., Schmidt, E., Lais, S., Yu, G., Wall, M., Tobi, P., Frostick, C., Clow, A., Lock, K., Petticrew, M., and Hayes, R. (2012). The Well London program--a cluster randomized trial of community engagement for improving health behaviors and mental wellbeing: baseline survey results. Trials, 13(1), 105. doi:

Pinch, P.L., and Reimer, S. (2012). Moto-mobilities: geographies of the motorcycle and motorcyclists’. Mobilities, 7 439 - 457. doi:


Raupach, T., Falk, J., Vangeli, E., Schiekirka, S., Rustler, C., Grassi, M.C., Pipe, A., and West, R. (2012). Structured smoking cessation training for health professionals on cardiology wards: a prospective study. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 21(7), 915 - 922. doi:

Russell, A.C. (2012). Running Drop-In Advice Services in a University Setting. Paper presented at 10th International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference, Durham University, Durham UK, 11 July 2012 - 13 July 2012. London South Bank University.

Russell, A.C., and Russell, J. (2012). Clinical Legal Education - Running Drop-in Advice Services in a University Setting. Paper presented at Higher Education Academy Social Sciences Conference, ‘Ways of Knowing, Ways of Learning’, Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK, 28 May 2012 - 29 May 2012. London South Bank University.


Selig, J.M. (2012). Some rigid-body constraint varieties generated by linkages. In J. Lenarcic, and M. Husty (Eds.), Latest Advances in Robot Kinematics (293 - 300). Dordrecht: Springer. doi:

Smith-Spark, J.H., Moore, V., and Valentine, T. (2012). Long-term age of acquisition effects in famous name processing. Acta Psychologica(Amst), 139(1), 202-211. doi:

Stoppani, T. (2012). The Architecture of the disaster. Space and Culture, 15(2), 135-150. doi:


Terrill, S., and Faust, C. (2012). Welcome to the High Rise. London: Simon Terrill.


Weinel, J. (2012). Altered states of consciousness as an adaptive principle for composing electroacoustic music (PhD thesis), Keele University.

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