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Adeleye, Adegboyega Isaac (2015) Heterogeneous Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Value Added Chemicals. PhD, London South Bank University.

Andrews, D and De Grussa, Z and Chaer, I (2015) Using Life Cycle Assessment to Illustrate the Benefits of Blinds as Passive and Sustainable Energy Saving Products in the Domestic Environment in the UK. In: Going north for sustainability, 25 November 2015, London South Bank University.

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Bates, Claire (2015) Experience of Partner Selection and Relationships for People with Learning Disabilities. PhD, London South Bank University. DOI

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Bennett, DR and Graham, C and Basile, E (2015) FIERCE scent boosts mood and emotion to enhance brand assets. In: LSBU Research Summer School 2015, 07 Jul 2015, London South Bank University, London. (Unpublished)

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Csapo, P and Avugos, S and Raab, M and Bar-Eli, M (2015) How should "hot" players in basketball be defended? The use of fast-and-frugal heuristics by basketball coaches and players in response to streakiness. Journal of Sports Sciences, 33 (15). pp. 1580-1588. DOI


Dawkins, Peter William (2015) Factors Constraining The Implementation Of Hazard Analysis In Small And Medium Sized Food Businesses In The London Borough Of Camden. PhD, London South Bank University. DOI

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Eroukhmanoff, C (2015) The remote securitisation of Islam in the US post-9/11: euphemisation, metaphors and the “logic of expected consequences” in counter-radicalisation discourse. Critical Studies on Terrorism, 8 (2). pp. 246-265. DOI

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Evans, J and HEEREMAN VON ZUYDTWYCK, R and BECKMANN, H and OTTING, K (2015) Introducing energetic and capacitive energy efficiency measures in the sector of chilled and frozen food storage via an electronic platform. In: 1st International Conference on Agrifood SCM & Green Logistics, 27 - 30 May 2015, Chalkidiki, Greece.

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Gordon, Rebecca (2015) Measuring children's working memory: The influence of titrated time constraints on complex span tasks and the relationship with higher order cognitive abilities. PhD, London South Bank University. DOI

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